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Trans-Kaçkar trek – 7-day programme

The Kaçkar mountains are unique in Turkey.  With its exceptionally rich flora and fauna, this area is included in the 200 most important ecological areas in the world. There are 160 plant species that can only be found in this region. If you prefer forests instead of naked rock faces, the Kaçkar should be your choice with Turkey's only boreal forests. Still, you will face the challenges of a high peak, as the summit of Mt Kaçkar (3937m) is the 4th tallest peak in Turkey.

Day 1: Our tour starts in Trabzon. We leave by car, passing by Rize, İkizdere, Ovit. Via Erzurum’s İspir district, we arrive at Sırakonaklar (Hodeçur) village, where our campsite will be. We pitch our tents and take a short walk to look around.

Kackar trek Hodecur village

Day 2: Today, we hike from Sırakonaklar village to Soğanlı highland (Soğanlı yaylası – a summer pasture). After the trek, we return to our campsite in the village.

Mt Kackar trek Soganli Lake

Day 3: Today we leave Sırakonaklar village behind. First, we trek to the Davalı plateau (Davalı yaylası). After some rest, we continue to Davalı Lake. We pitch our tents on the lake shore.

Mt Kackar tour Davali yayla

Day 4: Today we climb Mt Kaçkar (3937m), the 4th highest peak in Turkey. First we reach Lake Deniz at 3400 meters, where we take a rest. If you feel fit enough, we continue and reach the summit. We return to the lake, to our campsite for the night.

Mt Kackar tour Lake Deniz

Mt Kackar tour Kackar summit

Mt Kackar tour Kackar summit

Day 5: Today we trek through the Kavron pass towards Kavron. We descend on the Northern face to Kavron Valley. On the way, we trek to Lake Derebaşı and reaching the Kavron highland, we set up our camp.

Kackar tour Kavron

Day 6: From Kavron highland, we leave for the Çengovit lakes. In this lake-district, we visit the Büyük Karadeniz Lake, the Meteler Lake and the Isimsiz Lake. We continue to Çaymakçur highland and then onto the Ayder highland, where we are going to stay in a guesthouse.

Kackar tour Ayder

Day 7: From the Ayder highland, we continue to the hidden Sümela monastery that blends in perfectly into its environment. After visiting this amazing, partly rock-cut complex, we leave for Trabzon, where the tour finishes.

Trans-Kackar trek Sumela monastery Trabzon

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Included in the price: all transfers from Trabzon to Trabzon, accommodation in guesthouse, tent, sleeping bag, mat, all meals, water, tea, guide, entrance fees (visit of the thermal bath in Ayder is not included)

Notes: Given the climate of these mountains, the optimal timing for the tours is between July and early September. Please be aware, that there will be no shopping opportunities until we arrive at Ayder. Please make sure you have all the necessary personal items. Similarly, there will be no opportunity to buy alcohol, so if you want to have alcoholic beverages, you will have to buy them in advance.

Necessary equipment: backpack for the clothes, daybag for the hikes, hiking boots, head lights, warm and rainproof clothes, pocket knife, sun glasses, sun screen, sleeping bag.

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