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Bahçesaray tour

This tour takes you to the hidden treasures of the countryside just South of Lake Van. The area is closed off by snow during the winter months and as spring emerges, meadows are heaving with with millions of colourful flowers. Providing excellent supply for the bees, the area is famous for its honey. As we travel the winding roads among dramatic rocky slopes, the pastures are dotted with herds of sheep and lush green patches hide along the streams.

The tour starts early in the morning in Van. We travel to Bahçesaray and further on to smaller villages. On the way we visit cold springs emerging from a cave and stop at Christian churches, with some of their frescoes still preserved. We visit a local beekeeper where you can try fresh honey the region is famed for. We return to Van in the evening. 2-day options are also available.

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