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Trips around Doğubayazıt

Nick-named as 'Doggy biscuit', many people think of Doğubayazıt as a boring border town with only two attractions: Ishak pasha palace and Mt Ararat towering over the small city.

However, if you leave yourself a little bit more time, you may discover the hidden treasures of this neighbourhood and also enjoy the hospitality of the people. So relax, sip your tea and enjoy  breathtaking views, culinary pleasures, healing waters or a game of backgammon with one of the local champions.

Visit historical sites....

Enjoy the healing springs...

Trek at the foot of Mt Ararat , or from Ishak Pasha palace to Noah's ark...

Swim and have a lake-side barbecue...

Visit a cave, a crater, and finish the day at a thermal bath...


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