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Noah’s village, Red spring and Diyadin hot springs (half-day tour)

The first stop in our tour is in an old village at the foot of Mt Ararat, once also populated by Armenians. The legend holds, that one of the carved rocks there served as an anchor for Noah’s ark.

Armenian village near Dogubayazit

Travelling on, we reach the Red spring. You can try the water in the natural pool where the rock are all coloured red by the water. A bit further on, at the clear spring, you may even fill your water bottle.

Red sring

Red spring near Dogubeyazit

natural springs near Dogubayazit

The final stop is at the Diyadin hot springs. The site includes a pool, private baths, and the water treats rheumatism, skin problems and nephritis. Just relax!

Diyadin hot spring

Diyadin thermal bath

Diyadin near Dogubayazit

Optional stop in this tour is the ark built by Greenpeace activists in 2007.

Greenpeace oah's ark near Dogubeyazit

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