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Barbecue at the Fish Lake

The Fish Lake, one of the highest lakes in Turkey, lies North-West of Doğubayazıt. It is the home of various water birds (e.g. white winged scoter) and is a busy resting place for many species during migration. The ideal time to see the bird migration is in April and October. In the summer, it is a quiet but scenic area where you can enjoy swimming and you can try the fresh trout caught in the lake.

Balikli gol Fish lake

Barbecue at Fish Lake

Fish Lake

Fish Lake near DOgubeyazit

Swimming in the Fish Lake

Sheperds at the Fish Lake

Small village in Eastern Turkey

We start the trip at 8 am from Doğubayazıt. After two hours, passing by villages and rock formations, we arrive at the Fish Lake where you can cool down in the clear water. A barbecue lunch is prepared, including trout, meat and vegetables, followed by fruit. After some rest we return to Doğubayazıt.

As an alternative, you may camp at the lakeside for the night and return to Doğubayazıt the following morning. In this case dinner and breakfast are also provided

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