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Kars and Çıldır Lake tour

Day 1: We meet in Kars and head out West to visit the Ani ruins , with its impressive fortified walls still encircling the ruins of numerous churches, mosques and caravan serays.

Ani historical site

Ani Armenian church St Gregory

Kars Ani Arpa river

After returning to Kars, we visit the castle, a 12th-century Seljuk fortress and Kumbet camii, that was originally built as a Church of Apostles in the 10th century.

Kars castle

Kars mosque

We spend the night in Kars.

Day 1: Today we go North and visit the second biggest lake in Turkey, the Çıldır Lake. The area is famous for fishing and animal husbandry. Animals kept here traditionally (horses, sheep and cattle) are quite resistent to cold. The Çıldır goose is said to be the best in Turkey, available in the winter months.

Lake Cildir near Kars

Leaving the lake, we turn to the Kura river gorge and climb up to the medival Seytan Castle. On the way back to Kars, we stop at a Lakeside restaurant to taste the local fish. Our tour finishes in Kars.

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Kura River gorge leading to Seytan Kalesi

Seytan Castle near Kars