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Mt Ararat trek

Mt Ararat treks are only allowed on the Southern route starting from Dogubayazit via Eli Village. This is the most accessible route, ascent here needs no technical climbing skills only good stamina. Rapidly changing weather conditions and the elevation make this route challenging.

There are 2 campsites on Mt Ararat before the summit attempt: the first, the so called "Green camp" (Yesil kamp), at 3200 m and the second camp at 4200 m. The first camp is an easy and grassy camping ground. There is no drinking water available, however there is a hose bringing melt water suitable for quick washes.

A much steeper path is leading up to the second camp. Here, conditions are more rudimentary and the available ground for camping is much more restricted on the bare rocky terrain. It is quite common to experience snowfall at this elevation even in the summer.

A steep and winding route takes the climbers to the peak. Much of the rocky path may be covered by snow. At around 4900 m you reach the permanent snow- and ice-cap of Mt Ararat. Here, you most probably will need to use crampons. The route will first take you to the Inönü peak. There, you enter the crater. Walking up in the cone, you reach the main peak.

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Mt Ararat trekking route

Mt Ararat climbing route

The Eastern route is similar to the Southern route regarding level of difficulty. It starts out in the Aras valley leading through Serdabulak, passing between the two cones of the dormant volcano (Little and Great Ararat). This scenic route used to be very popular as well, however discarded by the authorities. The same goes for the North-Western route, approaching Mt Ararat from Lake Küp. A steep rocky, then glacial path takes you to the Inönü peak first. From there, you can make your main summit ascent. The Northern route is for experienced climbers only, requiring technical climbing skills as it is leading through steep glaciers and crevasses. You need a special climbing permit to attempt this route.

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Mt Süphan trek

Mt Süphan is another dormant volcano rising on the Northern shore of Lake Van. It is relatively easy to climb, requiring no technical climbing skills. The peak can be approached from two directions. The route from the Harmantepe side is longer, however it is leading through a more varied landscape with meadows and bare rocky slopes. Both routes offer scenic views of the Van Lake.

Climb Mt Süphan and Mt Nemrut, or pair it with Mt Ararat in the summer or in the winter!

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Mt Suphan trekking route

Mt Suphan climbing route

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