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Summer trekking tours to Mt Ararat, Mt Süphan, the Kaçkar mountains


Would you like to climb Mt Ararat or one of its smaller brothers? Are you looking for a trek as a sidetrip or would like to experience a comprehensive tour including visits to historical sites and nature as well? Would you prefer just a little bit of nature and more of culture?

With the following guide, we would like to help you to make your first selection. We hope, you will enjoy browsing our programmes. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us, we are very happy to assist you planning the perfect holiday for you.

For those with limited time and a wish for climbing, we recommend our short trekking and climbing tours:

If you prefer forests instead of naked rock faces, the Kaçkar mountains should be your choice with Turkey’s only boreal forests.

While travelling with us, you will gradually get acquainted with the cultural heritage and people of this part of Turkey. We combine climbing and visits to historical sites in these trips:

You like awesome views but cannot do much walking? Get a taste of the natural heritage, much of it showing it's original beauty. Vast mountains and planes, crystal clear waters are waiting for the visitor.

If you prefer history and architecture, from Biblical sites to castles, churches and mosques, these tours are for you:

Do you have any questions? Do you have something else on your mind? Please, email us:

E-mail: info[ta]mtararattour[tod]com