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Mt Ararat climbing tour – 4-day programme

Basic Mt Ararat climbing package.

This is our most basic Mt Ararat climbing package. Ideal for independent travellers off the beaten path. We recommend this trekking tour if you arrive already well-acclimatised at Doğubayazıt. We will meet you on the day before the climb so that we can show you all the equipment and discuss all the tiny details of the Mt Ararat trekking tour.

Day 1: transfer from Doğubayazıt to the foot of Mt Ararat (2200m) by truck at 8 am, and we start the first leg of our Mt Ararat climb. We trek up to 3200m (1st camp, 4 hours), where we pitch tents and hot food is served for dinner.

Mount Ararat climb first camp

Day 2: start in the morning at 8 am, ascent to the 2nd camp at 4200m (4 hours). The afternoon is spent with relaxation and preparing for the ascent to the summit of Mt Ararat the following day. Hot food is served for dinner.

Mt Ararat trek second camp

Day 3: start at 2 am, climb up to the summit of Mt Ararat (5137m). Depending on snow conditions, crampons may be needed for the last 200 meters. We reach the summit of Mt Ararat by about 8 am. We return to the 2nd camp, where hot soup and tea is served. After some rest, we pack the tents and return to the 1st camp to spend the night there. Dinner at the 1st camp.

Mt Ararat climb

Day 4: descent from the 1st camp to car pick-up point, say good-bye to Mt Ararat and return to Doğubayazıt by truck.

Mt Ararat

Included in the price: permit, transfer between Doğubayazıt and Mt Ararat (2200m), all meals, water, tea, guide, porter, cook, tent, mat, sleeping bag, crampons.

Necessary equipment: backpack for the equipments and clothes, day-bag for the hikes, hiking boots, head lights, warm and waterproof clothes, pocket knife, sun glasses. If you bring your own sleeping bag, choose a good 3-season one (0°C). Weather may be chilly at 4200m, and you can expect temperatures between 0 and -15°C on the summit.

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