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Travel to Doğubayazıt from nearby airports

Ağrı airport has re-opened.

Private airport transfers to Doğubayazıt

Private airport transfers are available at the following prices:

 City 1 person 2-3 people 4 or more people
150 TL
75 TL
40 TL
250 TL
125 TL
65 TL
250 TL
125 TL
65 TL
350 TL
175 TL
88 TL

By public transport (from the airport to Doğubayazıt

From Ağrı

There are no airline shuttle buses operating at the moment. Taxi to the city costs about 30-40TL.

There are several minibuses (dolmus) leaving for Doğubayazıt from Ağrı city centre every day. It costs 5TL (Turkish Lira). The travel time is about 60 minutes.

From Van

The Turkish Airlines shuttle bus service between the airport and the city centre is cancelled at the moment. The taxi costs about 20-30TL.

There are 4 minibuses (dolmus) leaving for Doğubayazıt from Van city centre every day at 7.30am, 9am, 12pm, 2pm. It costs 15TL (Turkish Lira). The travel time is about 2 hours.

From Kars

Turkish Airlines coach to Doğubayazıt, costing 20 TL. The travel time is about 2.5 hours.

Transfer to Kars city centre: Turkish Airlines shuttle busses cost 4 TL/person, the taxi takes you to the city centre for about 20 TL.

From Erzurum

Turkish Airlines shuttle busses to Erzurum city centre are available at 5 TL, the taxi costs about 15 TL.

The last coach leaving Erzurum for Doğubayazıt is at 4pm, the journey lasts about 4 hours and it costs 20  TL.

More information on Doğubayazıt’s bus connections is available here >>.