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Ski Tours to Mt Ararat and surroundings

Are you an avid skier but also a passionate mountaineer?
Why not combine the two?

Our ski tours will take you to the amazing peaks of Mount Ararat and Mount Süphan. Two mountains - two different personalities, but reaching either of the peaks is just as rewarding. The breathtaking views and getting a taste of the  exceptional local culture just as nature is starting to wake up promise a special experience. The best season for the ski tours on Mt Ararat is between March and early June.

Can you allow to be away from home only a few days? You could still join a  4-day Mt Ararat ski tour.

Do you have more time on your hands? Would you like to get to know the historical sites surrounding Mt Ararat as well, get pampered in a hamam and relax in a thermal bath? Go for our 8-day Mt Ararat ski tour.

Can you add just 3 more days? This way, you have a chance to reach the peaks of both Mount Ararat and Mount Süphan, see the sites around Dogubayazit and Van.

Please, do not forget that you will need a climbing permit for Mt Ararat, so do book in time.

Do you have something else on your mind? Do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help planning your own trip and assist in organising it.

E-mail: info[ta]mtararattour[tod]com

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