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Mt Ararat ski tour 4-day programme

Day 1: transfer from Doğubayazıt to 1800m by truck at 7am. From here, we start our climb of Mt Ararat by skiing up to 2800m (1st camp, 4 hours). We pitch tents and hot food is served for dinner.

snow on Mt Ararat

Day 2: start the second day of our Mt Ararat tour early in the morning (at 8am), and reach 3800m (2nd camp) by cross-country skiing (4 hours). We pitch tents and hot food is served for dinner.

ascent on Mount Ararat

Day 3: start in the morning at 8am, ascent to 4600m for acclimatisation, return to the 2nd camp at 3800m. Today's all-day cross-country skiing helps to ensure the success of reaching Mt Ararat summit. Hot food is served for dinner.

Mount Ararat summit

Day 4: start at 5am, ascent by ski up to 4700m, then climb (using crampons) up to the summit of Mt Ararat (5137m). We reach the summit by about 10am. We return to the 2nd camp, where hot soup and tea is served. After some rest, we pack the tents and return to 1800m by ski, saying good bye to Mt Ararat. There, the truck is already waiting for us and takes us back to Doğubayazıt.

downhill after climbing Mt Ararat

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